Thursday, April 9, 2009


i ♥ america's next top model all seasons!
sekarang udah cycle 12. and i'm really excited to know who will be the next antm after McKey in cycle 11.
McKey wasn't my favourite though. my fave are Marjorie and Analaeigh (and her big bold peace sign necklace!), anddddd my fave at this cycle is... *teehee* Fo and London!
they're soooo gorgeous, beautiful and photogenic!
I HATE ALISON. she only has a big ugly eyes, but she didn't has unique way to express those eyes. she always give a same face in every picture. wth. yuck.

gue udah pernah bahas tentang antm di post sebelumnya, dan ngebahas tentang Fo dan London. yep! masih mereka yang jadi favorit gue, hehe. ini nih foto2 mereka yang jadi favorit gue :]

mm, kegiatan gue hari ini, nyontreng pilihan gue di RT tadi pagi, sisanya denger lagu, main The Sims 2, tidur and made some quizzes on Facebook!
hari ini pengen kemana-mana cuma males, pengen jalan tapi males. mungkin bawaan UTS kali ya. bentar lagi UTS nih. duhh, stresssss!

okay, i need dinner. iye, dinner jam segini. gemuk, gemuk deh bodo amat.
smell ya later.

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