Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blueberry Muffin

I fell in again.
OWL CITY! omg. lagu-lagunya wuenak tenan.
gue udah update playlist gue. dengerin deh lagu-lagu mereka.
gue paling suka sama fireflies.
oya, open their website here.

What I got from wikipedia :P

Owl City is a band that was formed in early 2007 and consists of one member, Adam Young.
Adam Young started out making music in his parents' basement, which he claims is a result of his insomnia.
Among Young's influences are disco and European electronic music. Owl City found early popularity through its own MySpace profile, which has received more than 5 million plays on tracks, such as "Hello Seattle".

Owl City's first two records were released while the group was unsigned.
In early 2009, Owl City was signed to record label Universal Republic with the help of entertainment attorney Ken Abdo.
Owl City has released three albums, with the latest entitled Ocean Eyes released at iTunes on July 14, 2009 and a physical release onJuly 28, 2009.

In 2007, Owl City released an EP titled Of June. In 2008, the album Maybe I'm Dreaming was released. Of June reached #20 on the Billboard Electronic Albums chart, and Maybe I'm Dreaming peaked on the same chart at #16.
Owl City has also released three singles, "Hot Air Balloon", "Strawberry Avalanche", and "Fireflies", leading up to the release of Ocean Eyes.

So, this is Adam the awesome. lol

on tour.

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