Friday, May 28, 2010


How's your day?
Sorry I just update the blog now. I'm awfully busy lately. Almost every day, got home at night, and did not have time to open the computer. Maybe this is the biggest difficulty working while in college.

Untungnya gue udah bikin M-tix di XXI kemarin. Jadi, hari ini gue bisa beli tiket lewat online dan BYE BYE ngantri! :D
Tadi gue udah beli tiket Prince of Persia. Bagus nggak sih filmnya? Ada yang udah nonton?

Kemaren kantor nyokap gue habis meeting sama supplier mesin kertas, dan pulang-pulang bawa 3 USB gratis! Masing-masing 2GB, dan itu keren banget! Kebetulan USB gue udah error-error, pas banget dapet gratis :))

Ok, say hello to these cute thingy:

Hello Kitty Co-Labs with Doc Martens
Which one do you like?
Gorgeous rings

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