Friday, December 2, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

First day of December today, I watched VS FS three times in a day! They all look so good and amazingly tall! And I'm not even jealous of how great their bodies are. It just motivates me more to work harder to have a health body.

Okay, I lied about I'm not jealous okay!? SUPER JEALOUSSSS! I want their legs like, right now T___T

Here is the Full Show HD of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011.

Stars of the show:

I need to become a Victoria's Secret angel. Now, please.

They have Maroon 5,  Kanye West, Jay Z, and Nicki Minaj as performers. You better see by yourself, the show is MAGICAL!

In case you want to read a complete article about VS FS 2011, click here
And click here if you want to see more pics of VS FS 2011


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The September Issue

I'm a lover of romance, comedy, drama movies. I watched Bride Wars more than 5 times, and never get bored with SATC. And currently in love with Devil Wears Prada. I don't know why I keep watching those not-uptodate movies.

Last two days, I watched The September Issue on DVD. And (finally) realized, Miranda's office is a replica of Anna Wintour's. But, not all of Vogue's people are stylish. I think Devil Wears Prada just exaggerate fashion magazine's real life.

A good movie. If you haven't already, then go watch!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Catch Me

Hey everybody! Hope you enjoy your activities!

Sorry for the lack updates. I've been busy all day, with EF, internship report, and, my new activity,! Yay for this :D
I've been moderating the site for maybe 2 months. Can't be more excited than this! XD

The site is all about Cho Kyuhyun. His news, pics, videos, everything. If you love him too, go sign up, and don't forget to say hello whenever you see me around, hehehe. You'll find me with Kyu's geek pic as avatar :D :D :D

[credit as tagged]

Yeah, this kid. He's a 1988 generation, but his face, is too cute to resist! ♥

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pottermore Excitements

Finally, today I got the email from Pottermore. Can't be more excited than this. As this post be written, I already reach Chapter 3! *proud*

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