Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lonely Lonely Bonely

I feel a little depressed nowadays. Thank God, tomorrow is the last exam day! But it means, tomorrow I must go back to work, wtf fml *___*

I need a huge of happiness, tons of courage, zillion of kisses hugs cuddles, and unlimited stock of vitamins to turn me back to normal. For the bonus and reward to myself, next month I'll go to Bali (Hurah! Finally!) for a whole week, come on July, come faster! :{D

I'm not ready for the bikini, although I already buy them, I think I just go out with ripped hoodie and edgy blanket to the beach, lol, don't take it seriously.

You know I'm going to print this out and totally dress her up! :D

And these photos took my breath away. Someone give me one of those sparkling shoes, please pleaseeee? #BirthdayWish

Christian Louboutin
Fall 2011

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  1. louboutin is always genius. Thank you for sharing :)



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