Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kill me now, Phobia

Hello people!

Thank God for the whole week. Maybe I can get my holiday back now, please? It's been a lazy hectic week. Full of surprises, laughs, tears, hellos, and goodbyes. And heavenly, it's happy ending! *sunshinesmile*

Related with my post's title, is my number one forever-enemies, pure-rival, nasty sucker, MOSQUITOES! Bitch. -______- (say it with a very flat cranky tone)
I don't know why, every time I sit down, stand up, or even just sluggy chillin' on bed, THEY ALWAYS APPEAR! Why oh why, dear God?
With those disturbing voices from hell, they are super annoying fml +____+. And just fyi, my boyfie said that my blood is kinda 'sweet' for them, that's the reason why if there are me and somebody in same room, sitting side by side, it will always be ME that get the itchy scratches.
Wtf? Life is unfair, sometimes. Okay, correction, every time.

My number one phobia is ROACHES! Yea, just try sleeping with a big, round, smelly, nasty, brown roach with its antenna is moving around your nose on 3 a.m. BIGGEST FML SCENE!
Since then, I got this annoying feeling every time I smell nasty-roaches-scents. It's like you want to cry, faster heart beats, and all you want to do is run until Tasmania.

These days, insomnia makes me night. Someone please tell me how to end insomnia effortlessly? Don't tell me to do sports please, read About Me section first.

Wish you guys have a productive day! ....and night! *grin*

ps: Fish Pond is updated! Now I have 10 yummy fish. Include electric blue, magenta and wheat fish!
Feed them :)♥

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