Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Could Be Heaven

I always fall for Ika Natassa. Her writings are my mood booster, and they usually become my self-quote through those ups and downs in my horrible life.

Harris is my favorite character on this novel. He is the toughest, the strongest, the lovely gentleman who I will always adore. His cuckoo attitudes, his heart' smiles and admires to Keara, are the most powerful attraction of this novel, for me. And thankyouverymuch, Harris, for all the joy you bring :')

Seems everything in this world has their own opponent, here he is, Rully, the opposite of Harris, my mind's rival, Keara's heartache, I mean heartthrob. He is one pure innocent guy who breaks my heart, K's, Harris' and maybe yours.

Ah next, the love song of this novel, Keara, even her name is pretty. Maybe I will use her name for my future daughter *grin*. I love stories that show the inner strength of women who long to rise above their circumstances. She is the guts, the backbone, and the brain of whole story. Her fragility is her charms. She is the perfect girlfriend, unbeatable coworker, everyone's sweet bitch. I only mention her fragility because she has too many good points, and I'm too lazy to write them. Ya . . . maybe I'll write one. She has a genius photographic memory, for god's sake I WANT ONE!

I liked how Mbak Ika shows what's important in life and how easily we can lose track of our relationships when we start to ignore the common sense and obtrude our willing.

Not only I devoured the story. I learned. And addicted.

This was a book I couldn’t stop reading and one you won’t want to miss! Super highly recommended!

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"We're both just people who worry about the breaths we take, not how we breathe. How can we be so different and feel so much alike, Rul?"  
- Keara

"If travel teaches us how to see, how come evertime all I see is you?" 
- Keara

"But then again, funny guys don't get laid. Kalau iya, mungkin Tukul sudah beristrikan Luna Maya." 
- Harris

"All you'll know for sure is the more she makes you suffer, the more you find you love her." 
- Harris

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