So brave of you want to know about me ckckck

Come on, come closer...

First, I'm a huge fan of food. Their lovely smell, their crunchy taste, their pretty packages. Oh moto moto, heaven!
I love oily beverages. Something like has sticky, glutinous textures. Super YUM!

I'm not a ticklish person.
My response will remain the same like this, if you want to give it a try.
Most of my reaction if you tell bunches of unfunny jokes.
Trust me, you don't want me as your enemies.


Me, when nobody's looking
Final word, I think I'm a hilarious person. You can ask my....my.... Okay, I'm not funny. *flatresponse*
Wish-before-I-die: ME WANT THIS SHIRT!
I was not born to doing sport.
My bias, Kyuhyun. Omygosh, that baby face!
Expectations when I'm trying to impress someone. But the reality:

Those moments when I gain new followers.

Stay tune!

xx, Ricka ♥